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We wanted to make a design worthy of this great Irish pub in Woodland, California. The client had some ideas on how it looked and functioned. We did some searching around for Irish pub websites to get a sample of how other utilized their space and content. One thing the client wanted was big fonts, easy to read, clean look and keeping with the color scheme of the logo. A lot of the inspiration came from the site location. Located in one of Woodlands oldest banks we spent time taking pictures of the inside and out to get inspired by the great detail in the architecture. We used some of the interior vault textures and crown moldings to bring subtle layers to the site. We used techniques with Adobe Product (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop) to bring all the ideas together. From the header of the website using the crown molding a transparent layer. Also, the walls inside the vault showcasing the rivets and using them as a call to action buttons. And finally using the logo as a great looking watermark throughout the website.We then transpired the design over to the restaurant menu. A flow of consistency and cleanliness was a feature we focused on when creating.


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Pat Redmond/Kathy Redmond
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435 Main St
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Father Paddys Pub Menu Design
Father Paddys Pub Menu Design