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Woodland's Dinner On Main

custom cart system

We were presented with a task from our client Woodland's Dinner on Main. This is their second year on putting together this great event in Downtown Woodland CA. Last year's event utilized a third party service that allowed ticket purchases for events. The goal was to have a way for people to buy and reserve their seats for the upcoming 2017 year. What we set out to create was a custom website with a great new feature. We planned out the idea and the flow by creating user interactivity and ease of use. Once we finished coming up with the foundation of this new platform, we started building out the prototype. We set up all the pages that would be part of the user selection to the checkout process. After we had all the pages laid out, we started coding out the individual pages and the databases needed to make it work. After countless hours of coding, design, and testing we launched! The site is working great!
Apr-03 2017
Main Event Realty Yolo County
Main Event Realty
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