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Harlan Family Brand

We are so happy to have met the Harlan Family. Here is a little intro:

Harlan Feed, a Northern California based supplier of premium feed. Here at Harlan Feed, we take pride in producing, manufacturing, and supplying our customers with a consistent product from a trustworthy source. Providing a high quality agricultural product is not only the focus of our business, it is our heritage that stems from the creation of our family farm back in the early 1850’s.


They are seeking a new image that can be applied across all platforms. They want the brand to feel clean, straightforward and rustic. That's not to say that it should lose the history behind the name. We will be producing some rough sketches to get a better idea into our client's vision. Our goal is to create a brand that will bring a sense of pride and hard work.
Jan-27 2017
Main Event Realty Yolo County
Main Event Realty
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