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Custom Furniture Store Website

When a client asks us the question, "I need a website that can help my sales improve."  

At the beginning of any project, we research competitors sites. We ask ourselves what works and what doesn't. One of the things we noticed is that a lot of websites collect visitors contact info as a sales tool. A lead generation is important on any site. What we find overused and frustrating is the need to confirm email and logging in to get started with some of the essential features. What we wanted to do is eliminate the need for the overuse of registering on a website. We created a function that keeps a wish list for ease of use while browsing and can be printed out or emailed to keep for their records.
This website will have the ease of use for shopping, creating custom lists and bring a social media experience as well. Combine that with an easy to use robust CMS platform and the website will be useful as time and technology progress.
Dec-16 2016
Main Event Realty Yolo County
Main Event Realty
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