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Total Nutrition Promo

Total Nutrition needed a design for their January Special and a new team sponsorship campaign. We were given the task to create two new designs. 

The plans needed to represent the brand as well as the target demographic. We took the logo and analyzed it for inspiration. We also spent some time and visited the website and their social media pages. After gathering all of our information and ideas, we started with the January design. We wanted to focus on the promo products and pricing. The design centered around weight lifters and extreme training. The background geared towards the weight lifting community. While utilizing pure typography, we finished the design to be clean and readable.

The "Team Sponsorship" Design was next. The client helped us by submitting a rough mock layout, copy and a sketch idea for the cover. We took all the pieces and made it pop!. Again we wanted to stay right with the colors of the logo and design aspects. We dissected the logo to put in details for each page. The cover used the swoosh from outer parts of the logo. The page with the copy we used the font letter to create a nice typography. And for the final cover, we utilized the swoosh, colors and parts of the logo. 

Total Nutrition Sacramento
Total Nutrition Design
The overall designs were a success. Thanks to Total Nutrition for this opportunity.
Jan-07 2016
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