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Main Event Realty

Being part of a town where everyone knows you have been a blessing. When the Romero Family approached us to help put together a brand for their new business in Real Estate, we were excited. 

Main Event Realty
Marco and LaRena Romero are the owners of Main Event Barbers located 607 East St, Woodland, CA 95776. A well-established business here in town that brings a family atmosphere and an excellent service. Getting to know the Romero family and their history has been a blessing. We wanted to create a brand that would bring together the past while looking into the future. We started by getting the ideas onto paper. We used and studied the original brand at the barber shop and collaborated with Marco and LaRena on the vision they had. We knew they wanted a more old school look to the brand. We also wanted to add some flare that has that old time look but new feel. We worked with simple shapes and complex shapes that would frame the brand. We then looked at the early barber poll designs and pictures we found. The Barber poll had a look about it that would work well with the brand. We took that idea and rolled with it. The look started to come together as we progressed to the top part adding a Victorian style home. Then progressing down to the center where the name of the business began to tie everything together.

Main Event RealtyWe still felt that it was missing something. We wanted to add some filler to the "Main Event." We created a clean symbol that represents the family with two praying figures and a barber blade. We finished the brand with some minor touches and the addition of 3 homes from small to big that represent growth. 

We want to thank the Romero Family for this opportunity. We are gracious and thankful. 

Main Event Realty Brand
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Mar-09 2018
Main Event Realty Yolo County
Main Event Realty
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