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G-Rex Beef Jerky

When Brian and Marie contacted us, we knew right then that this project was going to be fun and educational.
G-Rex Beef JerkyG-Rex Logo
The vision behind the brand was a story of passion. Brian had always loved dinosaurs since he could remember. We both knew that the Tyrannosaurus Rex was going to be the image of the brand. And for the name we discussed and went through various iterations we both agreed on using "G" initial of the last name in combination with "REX." 
brand logobrand logobrand logobrand logo
As we set out to work on sketches for the design, we knew it was going to be challenging. We had to do a great deal of research to find the correct look and textures we wanted. A big part of the design was due to the communication we had Brian and Marie. That added ownership and value to the brand. Brian and Marie were great at guiding us through the design features of the brand. 

Finally, the brand was complete and ready to be used. Their delicious beef jerky is what will make this brand what it sets out to be. Thank you so much to Brian and Marie for giving us this opportunity on helping you with your vision and passion. 
mockup beef jerky
Mar-05 2018
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