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What is MyCali Local?

Local Google Listings

MyCali Local is an intensely thought out and effective ranking machine. Where 99% of Local SEO services fail, we excel. Our decisions are data backed, based on the crawling of 100s of 1000s of top ranking Google+ Local pages. If it doesn’t impact rankings head on, we don’t mess with it.

  • • Data Backed: Based on 1000s of hours of testing & 3 years of campaigns.
  • • Custom Campaigns: Thoughtful, non templated campaigns. We build uniquely for the client’s needs, niche, city. No campaign is ever the same.
  • • Clear Reporting: Slick, thorough, transparent reporting.
  • • Everything we build, is yours: Profile, logins, etc.
  • • Citation Audit let’s you know what you need to fix to achieve local supremacy. Robust, valuable citations, show Google you mean business. No thin, spammy B.S. Durable, timeless local ranking strategy.
  • • Syncs up perfectly with any organic link building strategy.

MyCali Local Is Built on the 4 Critical Components of Local SEO

 Web Audits

1. Full Citation Audit

The most important part of any Local SEO campaign is ensuring consistency, which is why every single MyCali Local campaign starts with a full audit. Thats it!

Local Directory

2. Local Directory Citations

Local directory citations are the bread and butter of local. We make sure you are in the BEST directories for your niche and market.

Video Citations

3. Rich Media Citations

Anyone can do plain old directory submissions, but to make them count, we beef them up with geo-tagged photos and videos, plus citations and links from rich media sources.

Social Citations

4. Social Citations

Social media is becoming more important every year. We make sure you’re ahead of the game by getting you awesome social citations.

So let us make sure you business is listed in the most popular directories!

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